When a family member or loved one passes away, they leave behind more than just a memory, therefore, knowing your probate and estate administration options is key.

Estate AdministrationProbate and Estate Administration is the legal process for managing your loved one’s legacy. Texas law provides many options for the probate of a person’s estate, and Estate Administration may or may not be necessary depending upon the circumstances. A Probate attorney can provide counsel and guidance during the probate process. Attorney Adriane S. Grace advises and represents clients in the following Probate and Estate Administration matters:

  • Probate of a Will with Letters Testamentary for Executors
  • Probate of a Will as Muniment of Title (probate of a Will without administration)
  • Estate Administration (selling property, collecting assets, and dealing with estate creditors)
  • Heirship Determination (judicial determination of a person’s heirs when they pass away without a Will)
  • Small Estate Affidavit
  • Affidavit of Heirship (non-judicial alternative to probate)
  • Probate and Estate Administration disputes
  • Will contests
  • Family settlement agreements
  • Social Security survivor claims